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Tax Office

Schedule of Values during reappraisal 2021.

Value Manual during reappraisal 2021.

The Swain County Tax Office includes the assessing of property values, the collection of taxes and property reappraisal.

Taxes and Services

The Swain County Board of Commissioners determines the tax rate each year before June 30. The tax values, multiplied by the tax rate, generate the revenue necessary to meet the costs of services to you, the citizen. You may visit the Assessor's office with more specific questions or call 828-488-9273.

Information about property taxes, property tax exemptions, elderly/disabled exemptions, present use value, property tax law and personal/business personal listings is available by a visit to our office or by telephone.

Personal and Business Listing forms are mailed by January 1 each year.  Personal listing forms are for single wide mobile homes, double wide mobile homes (not listed as real), vehicles not tagged, boats, houseboats, etc. Business personal forms are for anyone owning a business to list taxable property with the county. Personal Property Form. Business Property Form.

Tax bills for real estate, business personal and personal property are mailed in July of each year and are due September 1 with interest beginning after January 5 of the following year. Motor vehicles are billed with your license plate renewal. Taxes can be paid online with a credit card by choosing: www.officialpayments.com , by calling 800-272-9829 with a jurisdiction code of 4377, or calling 828-488-9273 - x 2220 or x 2224. (There will be a processing fee charged at the time of the transaction.)

The primary purpose of a reappraisal is to provide fair and equitable property values among all classes of property. North Carolina law requires each county to conduct a reappraisal every eight years.  Swain County's next reappraisal is due January 1, 2021.

Online GIS
Swain County GIS - parcel maps are available at ROK.


Tax Department
Courthouse Building
101 Mitchell Street
Bryson City, NC 28713

Mailing Address:
PO Box 2321
Bryson City, NC 28713

Peggy Hyde
Swain County Tax Administrator

Jessica Danner
Reappraisal Manager
828-488-9273 x2381

Ramona Powell
Tax Assistant 2
828-488-9273 x 2221

Dawn Zalva
Tax Assistant 1
828-488-9273 x 2220

Beverley Anthony
Tax Assistant 1
828-488-9273 x 2224

Tax Office Hours:
8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Monday - Friday
Closed for all State holidays.