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Providing Citizens With
24 Hour a Day Emergency Assistance

We dispatch for 3 fire departments, 2 law enforcement agencies, 1 rescue squad, and 1 EMS service.  We also work with other agencies in area such as SAFE, Department of Human Services, Angel Home Health, Great Smoky Mountain National Park, North Carolina Highway Patrol, Tennessee Valley Authority, North Carolina Forest Service, US Forest Service, and surrounding counties. 

All Swain County 911 Dispatchers are certified as Emergency Medical Dispatchers. Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) is a system of protocols based on medical priority. The system used by Swain County has been found to be successful and effective, and is used by emergency agencies worldwide. EMD relies on a series of questions that assist personnel with obtaining the correct medical problem the patient is experiencing, the severity of the problem, and the ability to provide aide to the patient by phone if necessary.

Our center is an enhanced 911(E-911), which means when calling 911 our system automatically associates your physical address with your telephone number. When you call 911 to report a medical emergency, you should be prepared to answer questions concerning the situation; such as the address or location of emergency, a phone number at the location, and pertinent information concerning the patient and the problem that is occurring. We understand that emergencies are extremely stressful situations and that time is of great importance, however, the caller should try to remain calm when speaking with the dispatcher so that all the important information can be collected. It may help to remember that the dispatcher is not there and cannot see what is happening, so they need the caller to "Paint a Picture" of the situation for them.

For more information about 911 and medical emergencies, there is a very informative Calling 911 With Medical Emergencies (pdf) brochure developed by the National Academy of Emergency Dispatch and the American Safety & Health Institute.

Emergency 911 Services
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David Breedlove
EM Director
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After hours 828-488-2196

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