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Soil and water education

Visual Aids and Outdoor Learning

ENVIROSCAPE – Grades 2-5
The Enviroscape is a unique, interactive learning tool that helps people of all ages make a visual connection between land use and water quality. It is a tabletop, hands-on model that shows the origin of both point and nonpoint source pollution and how watersheds work.
For more information please visit www.enviroscapes.com

Stream dynamics.

Stream-table – Grades 4-12
The Stream-table is a model designed to replicate the morphology of river systems. By controlling the flow rate students observe cut banks, migrating meander bends, development of flood plains and more.

Image of mobile soil exibit

Mobile Soil Exhibit – Grades 4-12
The Mobile Soil Exhibit is an interactive display that allows students to learn about soil composition, organisms, erosion, agriculture, etc while following the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) curriculum. This is available to any school or event in Swain County. Area 1 Soil and Water Conservation Districts can also borrow the exhibit. Contact Shelby Cook for more information.


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