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North Carolina Agricultural Cost Share Program (NCACSP)

A major cause of water quality problems in North Carolina and in the U.S. is "nonpoint source" pollution. In many places across our state, damage to our water resources come form soil erosion, excessive fertilizer use, animal waste contamination, and improper use of agricultural chemicals.

The North Carolina Agricultural Cost Share Program, NCACSP) was established in 1984 to help reduce the sources of agricultural nonpoint source pollution to North Carolina's waters. The NCACSP helps landowners and operators of established agricultural operations improve their on-farm management by using best management practices, BMP's. These BMP's or management systems can make farmers more productive while reducing the potential for polluting surface and groundwater.

The NCACSP is a financial assistance program designed to protect water quality. It is administered by the NC Division of Soil and Water Conservation under the NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

Technical assistance is available free to landowners in local Soil and Water Conservation Districts throughout North Carolina. Technicians help landowners install best management practices that will improve water quality.

Financial assistance is offered to farmers to share the cost of the installation of the BMP's, up to 75% of the average cost of each BMP installed.

The following BMP's are examples of approved management systems through NCACSP.

• Facilities to handle agricultural chemicals
• Planting of critical areas
• Grassed waterways
• Fencing livestock out of streams
• Stream crossings
• Stabilizing stream banks
• Stock trails & heavy use protection areas
• Nutrient Management
• Watering Facilities
• Prescribed Grazing
• Agricultural Wells

For more information concerning the financial and technical assistance available through the Swain Soil and Water Conservation District visit the NC Agriculture Cost Share Program website from the NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources.


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